Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In and Around the Pond House

Thank you to everyone that made such nice comments, especially Dawn, is the photograph better for size? 
I still need to find a better way to show the title and blog description on top of the photograph.  On the other hand, the picture will change each month, as hopefully, the view of the pond does too!

I'm still not ready to show you the bathroom (for that read I haven't cleaned it yet!) but here's a picture of the (tidied) sewing room.  Very white walls and blah brown blinds at the window.  The house faces south and looks onto sunshine but because of the trees doesn't get much in the room, which is good for stitching I suppose!  To digress, I left an uncompleted quilt in the sunshine when we lived in Pittsburgh and it faded badly, on the back, thank goodness, but it was a good reminder that the sun is much stronger here than at home!  Anyway, back to the matter in hand - I'm thinking some white blinds or maybe even just a half curtain/pelmet at the top since the only Peeping Toms are the deer and our coyote.  I saw his tracks on the front deck yesterday!  Then maybe some pale yellow paint on the walls to bring in the illusion of sunshine.  This is a *working* room so the furniture won't be changing but it is also the second guest bedroom so it has to look warm and inviting.

Benjamin Moore Paints over here has gone one better than the little sample pots with which you can splash a bit of paint on the walls to see if you like it.  They supply already painted samples 18" (44cm) sq for $3.99.  Our local friendly hardware store owner says they are a pretty good representation. 

Another good tip I read in a decorating magazine, is that a lot of people head straight for the paint aisle when they are thinking of decorating and then have to puzzle out what tones with the paint in the way of soft furnishings and furniture.  Their suggestion was to switch gears, find the perfect duvet cover, cushion, picture or whatever you can't live without and approach it from that angle.  I have a LOT of fabric downstairs, hmmmm, I wonder....!

The only exercise I got yesterday (please don't tell the World Traveller) was to bring the bin down the driveway.........

You can see why the WT got the tractor, can't you?  That's not the house at the top but I do have plans for it!  And you can see we live on a very busy road (this was taken at four o'clock in the afternoon.......)

I was going to show you some buds budding but the picture is a little blurry so will take another one today.  Enjoy the day!


  1. Hey Gillie, popping in to check out the new blog. This background color is fine...Putting any tint at all on the stark white helps a GREAT deal and this one has enough color that it really knocks the glare quite a bit. In other words, I like it.

    I also like you new location, wow it looks beautiful. The trees are great. I like 'naked trees' and I like what they do for spring....I mean, when spring hits, those trees will just burst with life and color, it really keeps you on your toes watching the scenery.

    Painting, such fun. Where ever you read about getting the furnishing and then paint after is exactly right. We used to call that "decorating from the inside out". Start with the stuff in the middle and work your way to the walls. And it's real easy to take a throw pillow to the paint store and match it and get it right the first time.

    Sending you and your World Traveler lots of good wishes for your new home.

  2. Thanks for sharing a picture of your "work room"! What a chore just to take the trash out!! I've dreamed of living in a spot like that my whole married life, enjoy the peacefulness (I'm jealous!) Enjoy your new home, Gillie, it looks wonderful! *Hugs*

  3. Gillie the header Pic is much better now. I don't have a bar which I have to slide to see it all anymore.

    You are lucky living where you are, I would just love it, as I like painting and drawing as well as stitching... and I would be able to paint the wildlife.

    Gosh I moan about taking the bin to the end of my drive.... still it will keep you fit (lol)