Monday, March 1, 2010

New Life in Michigan

It's March and spring IS coming, we just can't see it yet!  The sun is shining from a glorious blue sky and the birds are sure that better times are ahead and are singing loudly!
This will be a blog about our new home here in the woods, where we didn't even realise we HAD a pond until we were driving away from the house after making the offer!  Besides the pond we also have a propane tank (in full view of the sitting room window!), a septic tank (and I am trying hard not to remember the Garrison Keiller tale from Lake Woebegon right now!) and a well.  AT&T says the house does not exist therefore they can't supply us with a land line, Comcast doesn't come this far out from the village (two miles) and to cap it all the sat nav insists we are slightly west of where we in fact are!

Despite this, it is a beautiful place even though we haven't had a chance to see the ground since we moved in, it's either had six inches of leaves on it or snow!
The man I share my life with, or the World Traveller (because he does), is in seventh heaven as he has his very own pole barn with a tractor to go inside it.  The fact that it is cold enough in there to freeze your socks off doesn't seem to deter him and he's often to be found pottering about in there.

Apart from the odd wave, we haven't met any neighbours yet and in fact they probably don't know they even have new people next door and foreigners at that!

The house is single story (another first for the World Traveller and his Lady) and though perfectly respectable is painted either stark white or has striped wall paper, neither of which inspire warm thoughts.  It's in the bathrooms that things begin to go to hell in a handbasket, all the facilties are brown, expensive brown, mind you, the bath is from Kohler but oh dear, it shows every drip of toothpaste!  When I get the courage, like tomorrow morning I'll take a picture and you'll see what I mean.

That's enough for tonight, see you soon!


  1. Great, I'm the first follower!

    Lovely blog, reminds me a bit of the film Baby Boom with Diane Keaton, she had a well too!

    Julie in Australia

  2. This is going to be a lovely ongoing story. You should write a book Gille, they say that everyone has one within them. I think this ia your forte'.

    Love the new blog

  3. This looks like such a lovely blog -- I see I'm the third person to use that word, "lovely," so it must be so. ;-) I like Dawn's idea about a book, but more immediately, please tell us that you have your own stitching room!!!

  4. Welcome to West Michigan. We moved here in '03, but don't live in the country for exactly one of the reasons you brought up, no cable modem :(

    Your blog is a pleasure to read. I look forward to many more posts!