Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Met Some Neighbours and Found Out How To Link!

What a day!  Gorgeous blue skies again, and the snow is slowly, slowly creeping away.  Decided to walk this afternoon and while I was taking a picture of these buds by the side of the road I heard the sound of a bin being trundled down the driveway across from us.  The guy said hallo so I asked the inane question "Are you our neighbour?", we chatted and exchanged names then I set out for my walk.  On the way back I saw someone coming towards me at a great rate, she stopped and introduced herself as well!  I was very impressed, she'd walked a heck of a lot further than me!    Spring is coming and people are emerging from their burrows, hooray!

The other great news is that I  now know how to link to other people's blogs, look.....!

Thank you, YoYo  for helping me today and yesterday with daft blogging questions.  I have been puzzling how people can link here there and everywhere with such ease and lo and behold, it is quite simple, you just need a friend to tell you!

A good day!


  1. LOL! Told you it was easy enough if you had the right info. I'm jealous, you have more spring than we do, it'll be another few weeks before we get buds on our oak tree I think. Now, out you go, more walking in that beautiful scenery.

  2. What a lovely way to meet your neighbors, maybe you and the other person you met walking could start walking together? Glad you found out how to link, works great! I love the way you write, ever think about writing a book? *Hugs*

  3. Its lovely Gillie that you're starting to meet the neighbours, and glad that you enjoyed your walk.
    Hope you enjoyed your stitching with the ladies yesterday.


  4. Ooh sun, we've had 2 days of it now...maybe spring is on the way! Beautiful photo at the top. I love your busy road...I'd have to teach the kids their road safety on there ;-)

  5. What an exciting time....a new home, a pond no less (I'd love that for my kids) and spring on it's way. We're just starting to feel the first cooling winds of autumn, unfortunately our winter does not include snow, just rain!