Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mum and Babies!

This is not a particularly good photograph but was doing some much need cleaning around the Pond House and looked out into the woods and there was a Mum deer and her two little ones!    I rushed (quietly) for my camera and this was the best I could do.  The little guys wandered off quite quickly but Mum stood for some consderable time sniffing the air, obviously scenting danger. 

Such plants as we have here in the garden, mostly hostas, seems to be of the type that aren't on a deer menu, which is excellent.  We've been away quite a bit, first to England and then to Oregon and Idaho so I have planted nothing.  I intend to have a dig around in the pole barn to find the seeds that I brought with me.  This despite the WT's pointing out that old seeds don't germinate!  Actually, WT, the sucess rate is quite high, though obviously less so as the years go on.  Hey, who took the horticultural classes :)?  I'm only going to scatter (think I'll give the ploughing a miss, lol!).

Anyway here's the pic (click on it and look through the lean to and you'll see one baby and the other is to right of the lean to) and I'll be back with another update soon (when have you heard THAT before!).  I love comments, as you know!!


  1. I love seeing the deer visit our pond--except when they get the idea to eat our plants. I've even had them eat hostas so I guess these suburban deer are especially hungry :)

  2. I could see them after I clicked on the picture and got the large size, lucky you, that must have been lovely to see.

    Next time you are in the UK you must stop off for a cuppa and piece of cake! We're having horrible year, MIL died now the dog is about on his last legs so it's a good job you didn't visit us this time! Things can only improve.